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Join Mark Horton weekday mornings 6-9am when he presents the ‘HORTO & FRIENDS BREAKFAST SHOW’ live from the EDGE CINEMA commencing on Monday 25th of March.

Mark returns to the breakfast time slot after an eight months break, whilst as President he went about rebuilding/rebranding Blue Mountains Community Radio.

89.1fm RBM had struggled for over 20 years to secure a successful & reliable host for the breakfast time slot. That changed in 2004 when Mark & his wife Sammi took up the challenge of getting up at 4:30am even in cold and wet winter mornings.

As the years went by, Mark & Sammi who both have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), found it increasingly difficult to access the Gang Gang Street Studio. With the possibility of The Breakfast Show coming to an end, the then President, Ken Quinnell, agreed to Mark’s request to find a more accessible venue for The Breakfast Show.  Sadly Sammi’s MS will not allow her to continue to co-host but she will carry on scheduling guests.

What will continue is the ecclectic & fun-filled line up of guests along with Road, Rail, Weather and Police Updates.

89.1fm RBM

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