“Oh HAPPY DAY!” The African Children’s Choir CONCERT

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KwaYa Australia hosts The African Children’s Choir in their first ever tour of Eastern Australia.

BOOK NOW for the Blackheath concert here  http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=51533

Thurs 15 August – 6.45 to 9pm – “Oh HAPPY DAY!” CONCERT
Blackheath Community Centre
$22 / $15
Family $50 (2 adults, 2 kids under 16yrs)
Group of 10 $180 ($18 each)

More information at http://www.kwaya.org/index.html

The Voice of Australia’s Volunteers

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6.4 million Volunteers | 665,000 Voluntary Community Groups

Invitation to Membership
By Volunteers For Volunteers

On 3 June 2013, a national voice for Australia’s volunteers and volunteer-driven not-for-profits was formed in Adelaide. It is an incorporated association.

There are 6.4 million volunteers in Australia and 700,000 community organisations and not-for-profits. About 35,000 of these 700,000 groups employ one or more staff. The other 665,000 do not employ staff and rely solely on voluntary resources in serving their communities and generating social capital and belonging.

These 6.4 million volunteers and 665,000 voluntary community organisations are unrepresented and without a voice in the public arena. When governments consult with community organisations, they talk to the 5% of organisations with paid staff and service delivery contracts, and ignore the other 95%. When governments consider volunteering, they talk only to organisations that use volunteers, not to volunteers themselves.

But now we have a voice.

We invite your membership of The Voice of Australia’s Volunteers in one of three categories:
• Individuals who volunteer, without payment, for the betterment of Australian society.
Annual membership fee: $5

• Volunteer-driven not-for-profit organizations which contribute to the betterment of Australian society.
Annual membership fees: $25 (annual revenue < $50,000); $200 (annual revenue $50,000 – $500,000); $500 (annual revenue > $500,000)

• Circles of any nine volunteers who decide to form a circle and register it with the association.
Annual membership fee: $18 for each group of 9 members

Join up www.civilsociety.org.au/VolunteersVoiceMembership.htm

Blackheath Philosophy Forum

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Our next forum will be at 4pm this coming Saturday 27 July at Blackheath Community Centre Hall.

At this Saturday’s forum two outstanding young philosophers will address some key issues in moral philosophy and psychology. Each talk will be 20-25 minutes long, with a single discussion session at the end.

In this talk Ben will try to revive the Guise of the Good thesis – the view that “in desiring an outcome one must regard it as having some positive value” (David Velleman). According to Velleman this view characterizes “the earnest agent while ignoring those agents who are disaffected, refractory, silly, satanic, or punk”. Velleman hopes “for a moral psychology that has room for the whole motley crew”.

Jeevan will discuss the concept of well-being and will ask whether it should be defined subjectively or objectively. After exposing some flaws with purely subjective accounts he will attempt to show that a tenable model can be found in Aristotle’s account of eudaimonia as set out in the Nicomachean Ethics.

Ben Bramble is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Sydney. His PhD thesis, submitted in March this year, was on ‘Pleasure and Desire in Moral Theory’.
Jeevan Hariharan participated in one of our young philosopher panels last year. Since then he has graduated with the Sydney University Medal in philosophy.

Admission $10 (includes coffee/tea and snacks). The hall is heated and has wheelchair access.

Volunteers needed
If you are able to help with any of the chores associated with staging the forums – putting out chairs, tidying up the hall afterward etc – please contact Blackheath Philosophy Forum [blackheathphilosophy@bigpond.com]

New venue
This year we have changed our venue to the Blackheath Community Centre Hall.  The Hall is at the corner of Gardiner Crescent and the Great Western Highway, Blackheath.


Are your kids Bush Trackers?

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Please find below a link to the newly launched Bush-Trackers website.

The Bush-Trackers project shows kids and their families how easy and fun it is to spend time in the Blue Mountains National Park.

The website contains of maps of child friendly bush walks in the Blue Mountains.  The walks have been chosen by children and drawn by children.




The project is an initiative of the Stronger Families Alliance and is linked to the implementation of the SFA’s Child and Family Plan. Bush Trackers been supported by Council’s Environment Sustainability Branch and Community Outcomes. Thanks to everyone in the BMCC who helped make this project possible.

Blackheath Knit-In

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Join the Blackheath Knitwits at BANC from 2pm to 4pm on Tuesday 23rd July for the annual knit-in!

Come and help us knit squares or sew a rug together.


Donations of 25cm/10 inch squares, yarn, or completed rugs happily collected.

Phone Yvonne 4787 5392


FREE Eco Choices workshops

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Blue Mountains City Council is running another two series of FREE Eco Choices workshops.

Eco Choices workshops support sustainable living in the Blue Mountains.

The six workshop series covers topics ranging from the interesting ‘All About Stuff’ workshop, which looks at the impacts of consumption, to the very popular ‘Composting’ workshop, which builds the skills needed to turn food and garden waste into the super soil nutrient, humus. The waste management facility tour shows what happens to ‘stuff’ after it’s been thrown out, and explains the waste management services available to Blue Mountains residents. ‘Detox your home’ encourages practical, chemical-free living, ‘Worm Farming’ demonstrates the recycling power of worms, and ‘Eco Gardening’ provides a blueprint for vibrant, healthy and sustainable gardens.


Complete one workshop or complete them all. It’s your choice.

Participants who complete the series earn either a free compost bin or subsidised worm farm to help them get started.

To register, go to www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au and search ‘Eco Choices’ and download a registration form. Alternatively, telephone 4780 5000 or email shewett@bmcc.nsw.gov.au

Make Eco Choice your choice

De Jordaan – Harpsichord performance

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On Saturday 13 July 2013 Harpsichord duo “De Jordaan” will be playing an eclectic programme for four hands, including music by Mozart, Haydn, and J.C. Bach in the Blackheath Community Hall, straight after the Blackheath Philosophy Forum.

Anthony Abouhamad and Adam Jaffe currently reside in the Netherlands and specialise in early keyboard music.  Following a well-received tour of the Netherlands and Belgium, they are bringing their programme to Australia for a winter tour.

Commencing at 7:30pm, tickets are $25; $15 concession; groups of 10 or more $10pp.

For bookings or more information call 0410 853 856 or 0414 940 899

Tax Help!

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BANC will not be be providing tax help this year. Sorry about that! If you live in the upper Mountains you can contact Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre for tax help. Their number is 4782 1117. If you live further down the mountains, contact your local neighbourhood centre for advice.

NBN for the whole Blue Mountains!

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nbnAre you concerned about the lack of NBN roll out to the mid and upper Blue Mountains? A new action group has been formed to lobby for the NBN to be scheduled for the whole of the mountains. Currently there is only plans for the NBN to be extended to Linden. The Blue Mountains NBN Action Group (BNAG) would like to change that.

Given that the existing broadband service is inadequate with many residents unable to get ADSL at all, the NBN rollout is vital for the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains.

The NBN would enable more people to work from home either through telecommuting or establishing home based businesses. This could cut down the need for the long and costly commute to Sydney, battling inadequate transport infrastructure.

BNAG would like to hear from you about your broadband and internet experiences. An online survey is available here. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/nbn-survey

You can contact BNAG here and follow NBN for the Blue Mountains on Facebook


Mind the Gap!

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gazza130219Background: Suzan Mehmet (‘Getting Around in Community’), Cornelia Gartner (student and train user), Michael Paag (Blackheath Highway Action Group), Judy Finch, Meara Robinson and Jo Davies (Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre) have been working together to try to improve train services in the Upper Blue Mountains area.

In February and March 2013, a huge total of 847 surveys were completed by members of the public in response to questions about the current train service provided by City Rail.

Update: “Mind the Gap: A Report into the Upper Blue Mountains Train Timetable” was completed in April 2013. On the 22nd April, the transport group presented the report to Roza Sage in Springwood.

Where to from here: The transport group will continue to lobby for improved services to the Upper Blue Mountains/ Lithgow areas.

Please write to your local members requesting that they seek improvement to the current rail service on your behalf.

These are:

Roza Sage, Member for the Blue Mountains

A: 132 Macquarie Road, Springwood, NSW 2777.

E: bluemountains@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Download letter Community letter to Roza Sage

Gladys Berejiklian, NSW State Government Minister for Transport

A: 280 Willoughby Road, NAREMBURN, NSW 2065

E: Willoughby@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Down load letter Community letter to Gladys Berejiklian.