EAPA Bill Help

EAPA Poster
Poster describing the EAPA scheme

Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre is now providing access to the EAPA Scheme. The EAPA Scheme helps people stay connected to essential energy services during a short term financial crisis or emergency.

How does it work?

  • Call and make an appointment with Jade at BANC on 4787 7770
  • Let your energy provider know you have made an appointment for EAPA assessment, they are not permitted to disconnect you if an EAPA assessment is scheduled
  • Bring your electricity or natural gas bill to the appointment and Jade will assess whether you are eligible for EAPA vouchers and, if so, how many.
  • If approved, the vouchers will be submitted electronically straight to the provider and they should be paid into your energy account within five business days

Before you seek assistance speak to your energy company first. All energy retailers in NSW have programs to help customers in financial difficulty manage their bills more effectively. If you are unable to make arrangements with your supplier, please contact Jade at Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre on 4787 7770 to book your appointment.