No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

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NILS loans are provided to enable people living on low incomes the opportunity to purchase significant or NEW essential household items, or a service, that improves their quality of life or enhances social and economic participation.

Depending on capacity to pay, eligible people can borrow up to a maximum of $1500.

What will NILS provide loans for?

  • These loans may be used to purchase essential household items, for example: white goods such as fridges, washing machines, dryers, air-conditioners, heating.
  • electrical goods and furniture.
  • technology items such as mobile phones, tablets and computers.
  • medical equipment or for other worthwhile purposes such as education costs and training or driving lessons.
  • Other purposes- if you are not sure about whether your item or service is eligible, call us to check.


Repayments are tailored to suit individual circumstances The term of the loan is usually 12 months

How Much Can I Borrow?

The maximum loan is dependant upon your ability to repay, however the usual maximum is around $1,500.

Am I Eligible to Apply for a No Interest Loan?

  • Can you answer yes to the following questions?
  • Are you on a low income, i.e. holder of a Health Care Card?
  • Have you lived at your current or previous address for at least the last three months?
  • Do you have the ability to repay the loan over a 12 month period?
  • Are you unable to qualify for other affordable loans?

How Do I Apply For a Loan?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all of the questions above, then you will need to:

1. Gather the following documents (your loan application may be delayed if you do not bring all of these documents to the interview). Though many of these documents can be accessed at the time of the interview depending on whether you have online access.

  • Your current Detailed Income Statement from Centrelink and/or Pay Docket from your employer (Centrelink Income Statements can be accessed at the time of the interview if needed).
  • A document showing length of stay at current accommodation and how much rent you pay, e.g. Lease or rent ledger from real estate or public housing provider (we can call and ask for rent ledgers over the phone at the time of the interview if needed).
  • Driver’s License/pension card or other identification.
  • Details of your usual household expenditure, eg; your most recent telephone, gas and/or electricity bill.
  • Any other outstanding accounts/loans.
  • Copy of your bank transactions of the last 3 months (these cannot be any older than 2 weeks and can be accessed at the time of your interview if you have internet banking).

2. Obtain written quotes for the item/service you wish to purchase. We do not approve loans for second-hand goods, goods purchased on websites such as Ebay or Gumtree, or items which have already had a deposit paid.

3. Call Jade on 4787 7770 to make an appointment for a loan interview.

4. Attend a loan interview, ensuring you bring all those documents. Decisions about loan applications are made by a loan provider. Clients are advised of the decision as soon as possible, generally within 48 hours of complete documentation being submitted.

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