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Vacation Care Breakfast Club

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We have introduced a Breakfast Club to BOOSH during Vacation Care periods. This program runs from 7am to 8am. We serve a nutritious breakfast while doing fun activities.

This is a separate program to Vacation Care. The cost is $15.00 and is eligible for child care subsidy. To book email

For all your before-school, after-school and vacation care

What is BOOSH about? 

BOOSH provides care for children before school, after school and during school holidays. BOOSH is available to all families with school-aged children. New kindergarten children are very welcome. BOOSH caters for up to 30 school-aged children.

For information on prices and enrolment, or to make a booking please click the links above.

You can download the BOOSH Handbook for 2023 here.

BOOSH provides:

  • Before School Care between 7am and 9am;
  • After School Care between 3pm and 6pm; and
  • Vacation Care between 8am and 6pm.

BOOSH operates according to the NSW public school term dates (Eastern Division) which can be found here. On School Development Days (pupil-free), BOOSH offers a Vacation Care program.

At BOOSH we promote a safe and friendly atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore and to use their imagination.

We provide experiences such as gardening, art, dance, drama, and so much more in a home-like environment. Breakfast is provided during Before School Care and afternoon tea is provided during After School Care and Vacation Care.

We are a fully-accredited service and Child Care Subsidy is available for eligible parents. We follow the standards for staff to child ratios of one staff member for every 15 children.

All staff and volunteers have been vetted by the ‘Working with Children Check,’ as required by the NSW Commission for Children and Young People.

BOOSH was recently assessed and rated against the National Quality Standard in accordance with the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 (National Law) and Education and Care Services National Regulations (National Regulations). As a result of this assessment, BOOSH received an overall rating against the National Quality Standard of Meeting National Quality Standard (M).

Our Philosophy

We believe that BOOSH provides the time and space for children to relax, rest and enjoy their leisure time after a structured school day. We also consider that children ‘own’ this service -their voices are listened to with respect and their opinions are valued alongside the opinions of our families.

My Time, Our Place underpins our belief that children learn through play, and that all activities are chosen by the children and resourced through the educators who guide and support their learning.

We aim to be inclusive. To be included in play is pivotal in a child’s social and emotional development. Educators discuss, encourage, and mentor children so that they can understand and appreciate its importance.

We believe, through the advantages of play, that children enhance their social and emotional skills so that feelings of belonging, being and becoming are established. Through this, children will develop feelings of self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, which are required for a child to make their way through life.

BOOSH encourages children, through social interaction, to develop self-help skills so that any inappropriate behaviour and bullying can be managed through communication and self-regulation.

We believe in sustainability and encourage children to develop an understanding of its importance and putting strategy into practice.

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