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Do you have very little time or other constraints, but would like to volunteer occasionally? We offer unique volunteering opportunities here at BANC because rather than ask you to commit to set things at set times, our requests come in at all different times and you only say yes if you’re available!

How does it work?

Step 1.

Either a request for help comes through from one of our community members, or an opportunity to volunteer at one of our services, events, or workshops arises.

Step 2.

BANC sends out a mass text to all our volunteer’s mobile numbers.

Step 3.

You read the request and only reply to the text if you can help! Otherwise you just go about your day. It’s that easy.

There are no obligations and no pressure! Even if you only say yes to helping out once a year, it all adds up.

Sound like something you would like to do? Please click here to apply

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