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About Us

Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents in the Upper Blue Mountains.

Together, our members, volunteers and staff are building a resilient, supportive and active community where everyone is included, and no-one is left behind. 

For over thirty years we have implemented programs and provided support in the Upper Mountains. Governed by a Board of local residents, we formulate strategies and policies with member input. We encourage all residents to join us as members and welcome the contribution of their views and ideas. Together, we make a flourishing, creative, and resilient community.

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A diverse, inclusive and connected community which works together to build its resilience, and its social, environmental and economic sustainability.


BANC is the heart of creative, inclusive services that support the sustained well-being and resilience of its community.

BANC Values


BANC welcomes all people regardless of their age, gender, ability, cultural or religious background.  


All those who wish to participate in our programs and services are treated equally and respectfully.   


BANC pursues high ethical standards.  


BANC works with its heart and its head to build a great organisation that meets the needs of its clients and community.  


BANC aims to meet, as efficiently and effectively as possible, the needs of its clients, colleagues and community.  


BANC designs creative opportunities to deliver the most effective results for its clients and communities.  

The Neighbourhood Centre is currently funded by the NSW government’s Targeted Early Intervention (TEI) program. We also secure supplemental grants for specific projects as needed.  

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