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BOOSH Prices



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Prices for BOOSH are as follows:

Fees are as follows: 

Before School: $24.50 per permanent session or $27.50 per casual session

After School: $30.00 per permanent session or $33.00 per casual session

Vacation Care: $61.00 per early bird session or $64 per last minute plus $15 to $30 per excursion

Prices are reviewed annually and can change. Child Care Subsidy is available for eligible families to reduce your fees.

During Vacation Care we charge an additional fee as a contribution to excursion costs. This includes the cost of transport, entry fees, venue costs, presenters, and the need for extra staff on outings.

Payment of Fees

Please pay your fees on a weekly basis and ensure fees are paid in full.

Payments can be made to the BANC bank account as follows:

Name: Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre
Bank: Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633-000
Account no.: 119-265-700

You can log into your HubWorks account at any time to see your child’s past attendances, Child Care Subsidy received, and fees owing.

If you have a query about your account please contact BANC immediately.

Fees are processed on Mondays. We will send a statement via email each Monday as a friendly reminder. The email will come from HubWorks.

BOOSH is managed by BANC, a small, local, non-government organisation. BANC does not make a profit from BOOSH.

We rely on fees to provide your child with high quality care. Payment of fees is your responsibility. Continually reminding parents to pay fees diverts precious resources from caring for your child.If you are having difficulty paying your fees please speak with the BOOSH Coordinator immediately. We will do our best to assist you with a manageable payment plan. We may also be able to offer assistance by way of Special Child Care Benefit, if you are eligible.

If you have not made a payment in two weeks the BOOSH Coordinator will also speak with you about payment of fees. If you have not made a payment in four weeks we will send a final reminder and you will be called to arrange a payment plan.

If you do not maintain the agreed payment plan your child’s enrolment will be suspended.

Continued failure to pay fees will result in a debt recovery process. You will be liable for any fees associated with the recovery of unpaid fees.