Students are offered four, 1-hour classes (at no cost to students).  Our remote work facility cross-subsidises digital literacy tuition.

Silver Surfers Seniors Digital Literacy Tuition

We offer four free Silver Surfers digital literacy sessions for any over-50 novice. Cyber_Shed Silver Surfers tuition is taught one-to-one by volunteer tutors. Classes by booking only, please call 47 877770 or email to arrange an initial consultation.

Disaster Preparedness

Learn about mobile phone bushfire alert apps.  We recommend (& explain how to use) the Fires Near Me NSW app made by NSW Rural Fire Service.  It’s available online for both Apple & Android smart phones & tablets.

To help you with planning ahead for bushfire we also recommend the MyFirePlan app.

Learn To Use Twitter

Learn to use Twitter to follow emergency authorities (NSW RFS, NSW SES etc.).  Twitter is surprisingly easy to use, & very effective at delivering accurate & timely information in crisis situations.

Learn To Scan

Learn to scan critical documents and photographic keepsakes to keep them safe in an emergency.  We teach how to scan critical documents & precious photos to USB for safekeeping from disasters & provided with written step-by-step instructions in use of our RICOH scanning equipment. So you can return in your own time to scan all your documents & photos.

Keeping Track Of Passwords

And lastly a new specialization… we all know keeping track of passwords can become a nightmare, well have you considered using a password manager, like LastPass or Dashlane, ask us how.

Classes by booking only, please call 4787 7770 or email to arrange an initial consultation.

We’re able to offer assistance with MyGov registration to access your accounts with Medicare, Centrelink, NDIS, MyHealthRecord, and a range of other government services.

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